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Your Reliable Helper — Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable

Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

There may be a lot of situations when even a modern smartphone with wireless charging may urgently need a cable: on a trip, to connect to a power bank, to quickly transfer data to a laptop, or to reflash a gadget. Standard cables rarely last longer than the device itself — they are quickly worn out, they are easy to leave at home or at work.

If you are tired of looking for a working extra charger cord everywhere, you definitely need this Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable that will upgrade your experience to a new level. This sturdy, compact, and reliable cable is a real Rolls-Royce in the world of cables!

First, its unique 360-degree rotating cable head allows you to charge up your device from any angle and direction. So, you don’t need to twist and turn your cable to fit in your charging port at one angle and position anymore.

The cable charging head is supplied with a small LED light indicator showing where your device is all the time. Besides, the charging cord also illuminates when detached, so you can easily find it even in the dark room.

With this Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable, you can choose the option that you need: Micro USB to charge up GPS devices, digital cameras, and more; Lightning to plug in for iPhones, iPads, or any other Apple device; and Type C to power up your Google, Samsung, or Huawei devices.

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If you suffer from short cables and hate interrupting a stream or a game, our high-quality Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable will solve this challenge!. This cord measures 39.4 inches in length, which is enough to easily charge your device while lying on the bed.

  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Convenient length
  • 360-degree rotating cable head
  • Charging head LED light indicator
  • Illuminating charging cord
  • Suitable for Micro USB / Lightning / Type C

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  • Margaret Pierce
    9 Jun 2021

    Ideal for charging if you have a few different devices. The tips stay tightly in place in the charging socket and the magnetic system works well and clamps onto each tip really easily and stays attached well. For me it is ideal as I have an Android phone using USB Type C, my iPad uses the lightning type and I can charge all my other bits that use a micro USB connector. The carry pouch is a nice addition to keep everything together if you decide not to leave the tips in your devices and also keeps the cable wound up well. The cable itself is good quality.
    Overall I am very happy with this product, it does exactly what I needed.

  • Nancy Simmons
    9 Jun 2021

    Usually gimmicks and tech are usually rubbish but this one actually works. I am forever breaking connectors to my mobile by walking away forgetting to unplug them. However this new connector just stops all the dramas, simply walk away and it disconnects. Also you can just place the phone near the connector and more often than not the connector will connect it’s self. The blue light is handy for finding the phone in the dark.

    I would recommend it. Also ideal for my 87 year old mother who has limited movement in her hands.

  • William Sandoval
    9 Jun 2021

    Quick to get to madrid (spain) good cable and the light it brings is less annoying than others i have. A detail of the velcro you bring. The iman is powerful lets the hitch spin and holds quite firm. Regarding the hitch brings 8pins and only on one side (keep an eye on this that if you’re wrong) it won’t be loading. It is also somewhat thicker than the original apple, it is difficult to insert and extract it as well. Although now for a while i’ll leave it on without having to take it off and put it on. When i try it more i will give my opinion of use. Thank you. For how little it costs in my opinion it is worth your purchase. Thank you.

  • Katherine Carr
    9 Jun 2021

    The best solution to the multi-cord household. I’m an iPhone and the wife is an Android. Rather than have two types of cords in every room and car, we now have 1 cord and the tip stays in each device. This cord is always the right cord, every time!

  • Carol George
    9 Jun 2021

    I ordered 3 cables for my iPhones (lightening connectors) and they work great. They did take longer than I expected to arrive, but they appear to be very good quality. At first I thought they didn’t work, but I had inserted the adapter into the iPhone backwards. Once I reversed the adapter, it worked fine. One side of the adapter is blank, and the other side has the contacts, unlike a regular lightening connection that has contacts on both sides.

  • Kathleen Nguyen
    8 Jun 2021

    The first time I ordered such a cable! Good weaving! Fast charging! How long will it work-time will show! Delivery is slightly less than a month. But I’m happy! Thank you very much, I recommend it to everyone!

  • Alexander Bailey
    8 Jun 2021

    The MicroUSB port of my tablet got damaged and I was told by a technician the repair was not worth it and suggested to better get rid of it… Then came across with this Marvelous product and, the rest is history! Very, very pleased with it’s functionality.

  • Sean Martin
    8 Jun 2021

    This thing is great! Took forever to get it, but it was worth the wait. The plug fits flush in my phone case and does not catch/snag at all. Moved it to the wife’s Surface and she loves it too! Magnet snaps right on and avoids trying to figure which was is up on my charger. Very cool!

  • Juan Greene
    8 Jun 2021

    I got it for my holiday trip and found it very convenient to use! save for carrying all the cables of my electronic devices and it’s a problem solver when a certain cable was forgot to take. I have been constantly use it for over three weeks and have not found any problem yet. a worthy purchase.

  • Laura Cooper
    7 Jun 2021

    I have a real difficulty in plugging my charger into my phone and always end up with pulled/damaged wires. This cable works for me, once in it stays in and the magnetic attachment to charger stays on and pulls off easily without damaging the wires.

  • Dennis Gomez
    6 Jun 2021

    Ordered usb-c and mini-usb plugs. Works phenomenally, took a while to arrive but once recv’d, no problem whatsoever. Would recommend to all.

  • Gerald Lewis
    5 Jun 2021

    The cable is excellent, 1A keeps it clear, at 2A the load slows the voltage to 4.7 v. the seller Thanks +++

  • Joan Stephens
    30 May 2021

    Love the cables. It make it a lot easier for charging your phone from one place to another. You don’t have to unplug everyone and replug. The magnetic part is just genius.

  • Marie Rose
    25 May 2021

    Excellent so far, very easy to use. My 4 yo son loves it, he was amazed how easy it is to charge his devices now. No more broken lightning adapters. I’m not sure if we can buy extra magnetic adapters.

  • Jeremy Moreno
    22 May 2021

    very durable charger. the connector can be inserted into the phone and keep it from dust. i and my spouse have different type of phone and we can share the cable easily and convinent.

  • Gloria Howell
    19 May 2021

    My charging ports on both my phone and tablet were too loose to hold a regular charging cable, so this solved the problem.

  • Michelle Kim
    4 May 2021

    I like the magnetic on this wires and how easy easy to use also I keep the tips plugged in phones that keep the charging port away from dirt and dust.

  • Lawrence Harvey
    2 May 2021

    The magnet functions perfectly, no fiddling required at all. Charges quickly too.
    So easy to use in the dark, but be aware, the led light is powerful enough to see around your bedroom at night lol

  • Christina Wheeler
    2 Feb 2021

    Pretty good deal for the money. Lightning plug needs yo be correctly installed, as it’s only one sided

  • Shirley Palmer
    23 Jan 2021

    Great way to charge your phone and tablets and protect them from wear and tear.

  • Judith Garrett
    22 Jan 2021

    Very practical, makes charging multiple devices relatively easy by using magnets.

  • Henry Morrison
    3 Jan 2021

    It’s cool stuff. You can charge anywhere you want . It’s very stable. You can switch different kind of phone. Very convenient.

  • William Owens
    3 Jan 2021

    I rated this low because of 3 things:
    1. The magnetic connecter is round and sticks out of all phone cases. It’s quite annoying.
    2. The magnetic strength is weak and disconnects frequently.
    3. My iPhones and android devices took much longer to charge.
    Except for this, the cable itself works okay.

  • Jean Fields
    3 Jan 2021

    Got it on sale and happy with the deal!

  • Madison Aguilar
    28 Dec 2020

    corresponds 100% to the description. thanks! The charging is slower, than with not-magneting ones.

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