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Take Care of Your Pet: Non-Slip Cat Bowls with Raised Stand

Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

Have you ever wondered if your cat is comfortable eating from his or her bowl? When choosing the size and shape of dishes, you should pay attention to the cat’s breed and external features. Deep bowls do not fit flat-faced breeds, and long-haired cats will get very dirty if the bowl is flat. A bowl on a stand is a perfect choice for most cats. This way they don’t have to bend over too much. The main thing is to choose a stable structure. Non-Slip Cat Bowls with Raised Stand will completely change the way of feeding your fluffy friend.

Traditional cat food bowls hold everything upright, so your cat needs to bend his or her neck downwards to eat. If a cat eats too quickly, it can lead to vomiting or choking. This is why you definitely need our helpful Non-Slip Cat Bowls with Raised Stand. This ergonomic meal-serving solution is supplied with a tilted stand and an optimally angled bowl. The food bowl is held at face level, so your kitty can eat with comfort without straining the neck.

Our Non-Slip Cat Bowls with Raised Stand are made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic PVC plastic, so they are absolutely safe for your pet. Besides, this bowl is not only health-conscious, but also looks cute and original as it is shaped like the face of a cat.

There are two convenient options: the single bowl stand and the double bowl stand. So, you can serve both a meal and a drink for your kitty in an ergonomic way. Each bowl holds up to 450 grams of food or water, so your pet will not get hungry or thirsty if you leave home for a long time.

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Main benefits include:

  • Reduces neck strain
  • Minimizes the risk of choke
  • Original and cute design
  • Safe and non-toxic material
  • A non-slip bottom for a sturdier hold
  • Easy to use and clean

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  • Doris Mills
    9 Jun 2021

    I’ve been looking for a simple solution to keep the chihuahua dog out of the cat food.
    These clear plastic bowls fit securely in the holder, ( also plastic) but the bowls are tipped toward the cat .
    For whatever reason, the dog hasn’t even tried . The cat’s been giving him the side eye while eating, but even she is starting to relax about it.
    I chose the brown dish holder , which is more of a bronze tone, and blends into my hardwood floor.. I’m kinda sick of bright colored and cutsie pet gear.
    Try these… you’ll like them!
    PS: i use one side for kibble, and he other for canned food. These arent really for water. Use separate water bowls

  • Johnny Butler
    9 Jun 2021

    Super cute bowls for my kittens. Two of them share these bowls for water and dry food. It’s not really easy to remove the bowl. But apart from that, it’s really cute and looks good around the house. The mouth is wide enough for two 3 month old kittens to use together. It’s see through so I know when they need a refill.

  • Catherine Ortega
    9 Jun 2021

    My husband has been reading that cat’s need to have their food bowls raised slightly off the floor for better eating ergonomics and comfort. I got this and it has been a perfect solution. They both adjusted to it very quickly! The bowl shapes are very easy to clean out and there is a little lip that they stick into that helps prevent them from tipping over. I might even buy a second one so that both cats can have their own feeding stations.

  • Jonathan Lane
    8 Jun 2021

    Very beautiful bowls!! My cat immediately adopted them!!

  • Joshua Williams
    8 Jun 2021

    According to the description. All plastic but seems solid. Fast delivery. My Pixel cat is delighted.

  • Jack Payne
    8 Jun 2021

    Lightweight but plastic is durable. Everything came safe and sound, the cat is happy 🙂 Thanks!

  • Russell Ray
    25 May 2021

    These bowls are super cute and look great. My cat like them because they are clear. They are easy to clean and feel sturdy as they are plastic.

  • Nicole Patel
    8 May 2021

    Great product. Arrived very well packaged. My little girl is happy with her new bowls. Thank you for sending it fast and the precaution taken to avoid any breakage. Thank You

  • Joe Barnes
    23 Dec 2020

    I bought 2 of these for my cats. Cats are happy and I am too. Looks very good and easy to clean.

  • Mildred Ross
    24 Nov 2020

    This is great! I wanted something that was set up off the floor. These bowls are cute and durable. As well as transparent. Easy to clean. The base is strong but springy and easy to pop them in and out. Highly recommend!

  • Robert Wagner
    18 Nov 2020

    All fancy

  • Jacqueline Miller
    6 Nov 2020

    Shipping super fast. Cat happy

  • Harry Carter
    24 Oct 2020

    Bought this for my aging cats thinking it would help them eat and swallow better. My kitten loves eating out of them! Not sure if these bowls are actually helping anything but they are cute and my cats are eating out of them. However, I will agree with some other comments. You really can’t put water on one side. The bowl doesn’t hold much without spilling out. So I use both bowls for dry food and keep another bowl for water. If anything, the bowl is cute and sturdy.

  • Jordan Hoffman
    24 Oct 2020

    I have an elderly cat and thought that the slight tilt and elevation of these bowls would be less strain on her. It’s super cute and she does seem to be doing well with it. The only thing I would mention is that making the bowls a little more easily removable from the base may be helpful, especially when refilling the water bowl. Overall, glad I purchased it.

  • Grace Herrera
    24 Oct 2020

    I have one cat that throws up almost every time she eats. I’ve used every commercial brand for sensitive stomachs and a few of the veterinary brands over a span of 3 years trying to get her to stop. This was a game changer. We’ve had the bowls for about 3 weeks now and no throw up AT ALL. We do find ourselves filling the bowls more often since they hold less food/water due to the tilt but I’ll gladly do that than clean up puke every day.

  • David Willis
    9 Oct 2020

    This is a really nice plastic bowl set. The cat-shaped bowls are cute and the raised stand makes eating a bit more comfortable for my cat. I’ve ordered a few of these and overall they are packaged extremely well to protect them from cracking or breaking in transit.

  • Mildred Moore
    23 Sep 2020

    She has stopped vomiting and likes to eat out of her kitty bowls! I have some trouble getting the bowls out of the holder and so I just clean them in place!!!! Glad I got them. Thank you.

  • Doris Walters
    18 Sep 2020

    Cute and they work not very sturdy but for me still feels a little flimsy

  • Gerald Sullivan
    1 Sep 2020

    We had small stainless bowls and it seemed the girls would never finish their wet food. They have been doing much better with these dishes. They are easy to clean.

  • Albert Day
    24 Aug 2020

    My cat seems to like these. I know I really like them. My only complaint is that it doesn’t hold much water and it’s a little tricky getting the bowl in and out without spilling water. Other than that they are great

  • Jason Lewis
    24 Aug 2020

    Very cute and well made. Seems to be helping my cats, they haven’t thrown up since we got it 2 weeks ago.
    We use both sides for food though. Cant put to much water in it with it spilling onto the floor. My girls drink a lot of water so we need a big water bowl

  • Andrea Mendoza
    18 Aug 2020

    The bowl is cool, came quickly, packed very well! I do not know it will be convenient for the cat to eat from it, it seems a little too high.

  • Scott Montgomery
    13 Aug 2020

    Very nice I am very satisfied with my purchase thank you

  • Tammy Fox
    12 Aug 2020

    Came all packed very nice. The cat appreciated positively. I recommend.

  • Joan Hanson
    7 Aug 2020

    The angle position doesn’t work anymore. It doesnt stay tight enough so it just slides back down to the level position, when my cat bumps it

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