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A New Era in Cleaning Tech

William Dawson — 5 hours 11 minutes ago

Looking for a quality vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price? Look no further than ShoppingLoft, where we’re selling cordless and high-powered vacuum cleaners. This is a truly ultimate cleaning solution for cars and homes.

Ample Suction for Effective Vacuuming

Up to 16000 Pa. are at your disposal when you’re using this compact cleaner. It’s more than enough to deal with all sorts of dust and garbage — truly impressive characteristics for such a light and portable handheld vacuum cleaner.

Two Operating Modes for Maximum Performance

Save the device’s battery life by using the less powerful and energy-consuming vacuuming mode. And when you need all the suction you can get, switch to the more powerful setting. It’s as intuitive as it can be!

Change Nozzles on the go

Different litter requires using different vacuuming
nozzles. Luckily for you, our devices come with standard and hose add-ons that
enable you to reach every nook and cranny to clean it.

Cordless and Portable Design

Our vacuum cleaners were designed with keeping car cleaning in mind. A car vacuum cleaner should be compact, light, easy to handle, and cordless — this is it! No more cumbersome cables and awkward moves.

Impressive battery life

Do a full charge, and the battery life of the cleaner’s three 2200 mAh built-in batteries will be quite enough for a thorough spring cleaning of your car’s interior or home.

Feel free to use it at home as well

Keep the vacuum cleaner in your car, in your garage or even at home — it’s easy to transport and carry either way. And it’s also very helpful if you need to clean your couch quickly or vacuum some carpets in your house. After all, it’s not just for vehicles!

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  • Jim Elliott
    2 hours 45 minutes ago

    A very powerful vacuum cleaner. I vacuum my car’s
    seats with it in minutes – no more dust on the upholstery. I wish it were a bit
    cheaper, but it works really well.

  • Adele Graigner
    2 hours 45 minutes ago

    I didn’t know they made cordless vacuum cleaners, and
    this is a great device. Everything works as advertised, no problems

  • Freya Pickett
    2 hours 45 minutes ago

    Works perfectly and even looks cool. Too bad I didn’t buy the vacuum cleaner sooner – would’ve saved on dry cleaning the car seats

  • Harry Field
    2 hours 45 minutes ago

    My wife is pretty messy person, unfortunately, so my car is always a mess every time she borrows it. Finally I bought this vacuum cleaner, and now cleaning up after her is no big deal. Maybe she’ll do it herself one day, ha-ha!

  • Kaden Farrell
    2 hours 45 minutes ago

    I use the vacuum cleaner both at home and for cleaning my SUV. It’s equally handy for the furniture and the upholstery in the car. No issues with the product

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