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Panoramic Security Bulb Camera

Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

No matter how much you try to control everything personally, you simply cannot be present in all places at the same time. So, if you want to monitor you office from home or your home from the office, your children or employees, you need a smart solution that would make this possible without you tearing apart. We are here to help you find the most effective one. 

We are happy to present you you an amazing, high-quality panoramic security bulb camera that will make it possible to keep an eye on your home or office no matter where you are. Our security bulb gives you a full panoramic view so that you can see a complete picture of every angle of your room with the help of a fish-eye lebs as if you were there in person. You can also get an opportunity to talk and listen to people with a built-in speaker and microphone. All recordings are stored in a memory card inside the bulb camera… and you can watch everything remotely with an app for the camera.

Our panoramic security bulb camera has a lot of great benefits:

  1. It saves you a lot of money

    Our panoramic security bulb camera is profitable indeed, because replaces more than 10 regular cameras, so the cost of purchasing and installing a video monitoring system will be considerably lower.

  2. It doesn’t have blind spots

    This feature is particularly useful when you need to monitor big spaces or a crowd of people due to the effect of seamless video recording.

  3. It is multifunctional

    The camera has numerous functions and technical capabilities, so that could choose the ones that suit your purposes best.

  4. It is easily connected

    bulb connects through WiFi. You should install an app to start monitoring.

  5. It stores recordings

    bulb works with 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB TF cards.

  6. It is almost invisible

    camera is very hard to detect.

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  • Kenneth Scott
    8 Dec 2021

    Love it great camera. The only difficult part was figuring out the wifi all you have to do is make sure you have a dual-band router then when selecting a wifi network you should have 2 options your 5G and 2.4Ghz (For example NETGEAR and NEATGEAR-5G) once you connect to the 2.4 wifi frequency the set up is easy following the app instructions. I also recommend buying a memory card other wise no videos will be captured only pictures……side note for where you place the view my view captures cars passing by and the downside to that is at night its sensitive to the car lights so Im notified every time a car passes by and I assume it’s someone at the door but this only happens at night time and I have it set up for low on motion sensitivity besides that motion sensitivity works fine notifies me every time someone comes to the door and captures a video.

  • Lawrence Fields
    8 Dec 2021

    I’m a retired IT professional who uses everything from Alexa controlled lighting to bluetooth transfer between devices. So when I moved into my new apartment, I did a lot of research to find a security system that wouldn’t need to have a wired connection and would send me alerts while I was away from home and this fit the bill perfectly. I’m extremely happy with my choice.

    There was an initial free 3 month cloud storage, but the bulb has a slot with for an sd card that I use. It doesn’t rotate but who needs it!? For my purpose, I just need to know that someone is in my apartment who doesn’t belong and this bulb camera does just that and once I received my alert on my phone, I just have to look at the recording and call the police or alert management. I ordered a second one to place in the light outside my apartment door which also covers the exterior entry door

  • Melissa McDonald
    8 Dec 2021

    I’ve had expensive cameras in the past at my businesses. I decided to go the cheaper route for my front door. This is perfect!!

    You can see it on your phone from anywhere. I like to use it when someone knocks on my door so I know who is there before I answer it. I am not using the cloud service because I really don’t need to.

    It works great during the day and at night. You will not be disappointed this is a great buy. // Just twist it in. Setup the app. Connect that to your WiFi and your done!

    Make sure you set the bulb on the 2G WiFi network. Doesn’t support 5G.

  • Nicole Lawrence
    7 Dec 2021

    The camera work very good! Easy to seting, The camera have good quality imagine I recommend this seller 100%

  • Olivia Berry
    1 Dec 2021

    I got this camera to keep an eye on my baby when I’m not there.
    Feel more released now since I can always open the iCSee to watch what’s happening there!

  • Dorothy Lynch
    1 Dec 2021

    Very easy to set up and install, the resolution of the pixels is very easy to use. I think I will introduce others to buy

  • Donna Cole
    1 Dec 2021

    I personally think it worth the money to have a product both can light up and monitor the room/front door. You can hardly tell it is a hidden camera, which is awesome! The 360-degree angle camera is a little bit skewed but it works just fine. So far so good, I probably gonna buy one more.

  • Kimberly Allen
    1 Dec 2021

    This bulb camera is pretty easy to install, it works great with my existing E27 socket, just like replacing a normal light bulb.

    You need to keep the light switch on to keep it working, you can turn on/off the light with the app.

  • Peter Larson
    1 Dec 2021

    It was installed at the back of the house for added security. Nice lighting and the 360° angle is a plus. Just purchased another. Both were given as gifts

  • Kimberly Morris
    21 Nov 2021

    We got this to use for our front door. We have many other cams that are stationary, we got this one because we can pan tilt and zoom in practically all directions. We use Ispy connect to record motion and after setting the cam up on the android app it told us the ip address of the cam so that we could integrate it with our Ispy. We were able to set up the email feature and it works great. We also get motion notifications on the phone from the app. Overall very pleased with this cam. Also,we get alerts on our cell phone when it detects motion, so we default it to point at our front porch. Then when we get the alert we can talk to the person at the front door with the 2 way talk feature. Definitely worth the price.

  • Andrew Ryan
    16 Nov 2021

    I can check the security at any time. I think it is necessary for every family to have this kind of equipment. I will install another one in my office.

  • Marilyn Keller
    9 Nov 2021

    Amazing camera ,Buy it you wont regret it , but its only for 2.4g routers!!! lots of features you get an alarm when someone enters your room and you can see the footage at the exact time you want , and you can hear what peolpe are saying , for this price the product is amazing!

  • Steven Tran
    7 Nov 2021

    Does what it says in description, just have to get the proper angle. Satisfied with the purchase!

  • Barbara Hoffman
    7 Nov 2021

    OMG, the HD picture on this bulb is much better than all my other light bulbs. I would buy more but I don’t need anymore, the app works great and I had no issues yet.

  • Kyle Reyes
    21 Oct 2021

    I ordered this because I needed a couple of inexpensive cameras inside the house to monitor my elder mother-in-law for falling. I work from home in a downstairs area and cannot always hear what is going on upstairs. The camera was not hard to set up and has functioned as expected or better. I am ordering a couple more to cover some missed areas in the kitchen and laundry.

  • Jesse Hamilton
    14 Oct 2021

    Exquisitely quick delivery! Everything was fine.

  • Andrew Lawson
    12 Oct 2021

    Produce works fine and is as promised.

  • Andrew Watkins
    10 Oct 2021

    Love everything about this camera and its set up. It worked immediately and is still working. Sometimes it loses the connection, but I can get it back with no fuss.

  • Shirley Austin
    10 Oct 2021

    For the money, this is the best pan/tilt cam on the market as far as I’m concerned!

  • Brian Moreno
    10 Oct 2021

    Bought this as a gift for my mom to keep in the house to watch the dogs while we’re all at work. This works amazing, super clear picture. Totally comparable to the super expensive competitors

  • William Snyder
    9 Oct 2021

    Works pretty well, faster response than other cameras. Good picture, easy to use.

  • Julie Ford
    8 Oct 2021

    Loving this over the 3 months I’ve had it. Great app that’s easy to learn. Thanks!

  • Linda Fields
    7 Oct 2021

    I already had BlueIris software and was looking for something inexpensive and easy to integrate to the rest of the house. This worked flawlessly. I found the IP address by looking at the leases in my home router, told BlueIris what the IP address was and the admin name and password, clicked the scan button and almost immediately the camera was showing pictures and allowed pan / tilt control and sent audio with the picture.
    I was able to access the configuration pages using nearly any web browser from Chrome, Firefox, Midor,i Konqueror (the last 2 are from my linux computer) to set IP addresses, bright/contrast, color saturation, audio settings and much more directly from the web page. Very nice.

    My only complaint is the tilt alignment is a little off. It will not look past the up vertical mark while it will look almost directly down into the base of the camera which has no usefulness at all. I don’t need to look at the plastic, I would rather see the alignment look a little past the 90 degree vertical mark.

  • Joyce Hernandez
    1 Oct 2021

    I bought this for my living room. It’s actually better than I expected it to be. The image quality is good, night vision is good too. I like the playback feature as well. The set up wasn’t hard at all.

  • Angela Palmer
    13 Sep 2021

    Very good product and very useful. Thank you

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