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Make a Statement with Smart LED Backpack

Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

What is the primary function of any backpack? Of course, to carry various loads. But today backpacks often can do much more than that. A backpack can be a fashion accessory or an optional gadget, or sometimes both. Sometimes it can even be a means of communication, making statements or advertising. Doesn’t it sound amazing? With our Smart LED Backpack, you can do all these things at a stroke!

It is made of premium quality braided material and EVA elastomeric polymer which make it more durable and sturdier, allowing it to withstand a variety of everyday connection needs and long-term use.

The LED screen on this backpack allows you to tell the world whatever you want. So, you don’t need to spend money on customized printed or embossed merchandise anymore. Just download the “LED Space” app for iOS or Android, and reflect your thoughts anytime, anywhere.

With this backpack, you will get a tremendous amount of positive emotions when playing with the whole family. Your children will be especially happy to draw, write, and share GIFs on the screen. People of all ages look at this Smart LED Backpack with both curiosity and approval.

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How can you use this Smart LED Backpack? There are so many possible options and stunning ideas! The extra display will be appreciated by advertising agencies for special projects. From a safety point of view, such a backpack is also useful: people wear rather dark clothes, and such a screen is a good opportunity to become noticeable in the dark. Finally, it is just a convenient and capacious backpack that can hold your notebook, papers, lunchbox, and what not!

  • Durable and sturdy braided material
  • LED screen to display texts, images, or animations
  • Reflect your thoughts anytime and anywhere
  • Powered up with one app
  • Big interior storage pocket
  • An original gift for a creative person

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  • Louis Lawson
    9 Jun 2021

    This made me cool with my nephew. A cool backpack that gives you the functions you are use to: being easy to carry, room for the items you need for the day and made out of a good material. The extra bonus, however, is the ability to sync through the app to make it part of your down-time. Love this feature, and it’s really easy to set up. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and you’ll have it up and running in no time.

  • Ralph Dixon
    9 Jun 2021

    Can’t speak on the durability of the bag yet. Only been in use for a week. But seems like a well built bag that will last the school year. Display is very cool and my son loves being able to change the screen. All his friends now ask their parents to buy them the same backpack lol. So now my son is a school superstar.

  • Joe Walsh
    9 Jun 2021

    I absolutely love the bookbag. It’s awesome and has so many more features and options for the LED display than the video and pictures let on. The seller was very professional and was always quick to respond to all my emails i would definitely buy from them again. I bought this for my 16 year old and he loves it, he changes what it says or does daily.Unique and very tech cool.

  • Henry Burke
    8 Jun 2021

    The backpack is absolutely amazing the lights are everything we imagined. And it is also waterproof. Now it is raining every day and I don’t worry that it will broke. I am very creativ person and for me this backpack is just a mieacle. I may draw everything I want and express myself. People outside ask me where I ttook this backpack. Heyyyy people! May be you read this)))

  • Adam Gordon
    9 May 2021

    This was a gift for my nephew who is 16.
    He loved it. It is very bright and has a high quality display of LEDs.

  • Phillip Garza
    9 May 2021

    Amazing. Showed the ad to my family and friends and they said it’s stupid. Now that it arrived, everyone loves it lmao it is bright lights and you can adjust it.

  • Anna Hudson
    8 May 2021

    Can’t speak on the durability of the bag yet. Only been in use for a week. But seems like a well built bag that will last the school year. Display is very cool and my son loves being able to change the screen.

  • Andrew Morgan
    8 May 2021

    This is amazingly fun and cool!
    The only reason it lost a star was it is small. BARELY fit me which means it doesn’t really fit with stuff in it.
    The same people have another bag that is a bit larger, but this bag is still amazingly fun

  • Adam Pena
    8 May 2021

    This is an awesome backpack, lots of room and great display. It does need a power bank so make sure you have one.

  • Jane Fisher
    8 May 2021

    it’s super cool !! everybody surprised me once i set it. very fun!

  • Deborah Cruz
    8 May 2021

    The backpack is amazing

  • Joe Wright
    8 May 2021

    My son absolutely loves this bag, he takes it everywhere when he is riding his motorcycle.

  • Ronald Bryant
    8 May 2021

    Amazing product I bought this almost a year ago and have worn it nearly every day its spacious inside and very easy to adjust the outside display. However It does NOT come with a power source you should buy it with a portable USB Charger. Also as one may expect. It doesn’t handle rough travel well (tossing dropping or throwing the bag) the wires may short out.

  • Jack White
    8 May 2021

    One needs to carry a energy pack with u in order for this to work..

  • Michelle Marshall
    8 May 2021

    Super bright,

  • Anthony Cole
    8 May 2021

    Great visual quality of display.

  • Sharon Reyes
    8 May 2021

    Product is just as described. Been having a lot of fun with this backpack and I get so many likes wherever I go!

  • Janet Butler
    8 May 2021

    It’s great for giving out a message and grabbing everyone’s attention.

  • Doris Ray
    8 May 2021

    I admit this is the best backpack so far !

  • Kevin Thomas
    8 May 2021

    My nephew loves the gift.

  • Frank Evans
    8 May 2021

    This bag is so much fun.

  • Philip Walker
    8 May 2021

    The bag is actually good quality (above what I expected)

  • George Hopkins
    8 May 2021

    This bag is bright, which means it will help stay visible at night, if you’re cycling.

  • Dylan Gonzalez
    8 May 2021

    For such price I cannot demand more

  • Judith Alexander
    8 May 2021

    This has a great display and is comfortable. However, the software/firmware is still a difficult to use. You can setup a number of displays to run through but I haven’t been able to delete just one. I have to clear all of them and then rebuild everything I want.

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