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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

Due to the popularity of wireless technologies today, there appear more and more people who purchase Bluetooth speakers. No wonder: they are worth your investment indeed. We are happy to present you our great waterproof Bluetooth speaker. And here are some good reasons you need to order it right now:

1) It is easy to use

The most evident reason to pay for our speaker is that it is very easy to use. You can easily connect any of your gadgets to the speaker: all you need to do is to turn on Bluetooth, switch on the speaker, and to pair the devices, after which the speaker will connect automatically. So much easier than with regular speakers! Just a couple of steps, and you are ready to listen to music or to have a conference call.

2) It is portable

If you are a real fan of music, you are likely to want to listen to it in any conditions whatsoever: in your car, in the bedroom, and so on. It is so small that you can take it with you no matter where you go: to the kitchen to cook or to the bathroom to take your relaxing bath in the evening.

3) It saves space

Logically enough, it will save you a lot of space at your place. A big stereo system will occupy much more space in comparison.

4) It is wireless

What the majority of users like the most about our speakers is the fact that it is frees you from the necessity to deal with wires and cables. No more plugging and not more irritating cords that are impossible to hide from view.

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5) It is cheap

Our speaker is far from being costly. Even a small stereo system will cost you much more.

6) It is waterproof

Now, you can enjoy music while taking a bath!

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  • Sara Burke
    8 Dec 2021

    Bought this for our shower and was not disappointed. The sound quality isn’t the best, but much better than having the phone on outside the shower walls. I think having it in an enclosed box may be what’s affecting the sound. It’s small and sticks well to the wall. It is easy to remove so that it can be charged with a kindle cord charger. It’s very easy and straightforward to use.

  • Frances Peters
    6 Dec 2021

    This is a great little speaker, the unit is sealed up with rubber banding, Paired with my iPhone with no problems, The sound is awesome, I can control the playlist & volume from the speaker, even answer the phone in the shower. The battery life is very long, when it dies, I recharge it overnight, it is ready for another week or so.

  • Emily West
    4 Dec 2021

    I love this little speaker. The sound quality is great. Unlike my previous bluetooth speaker, it actually holds a charge, and the charge seems to last a really long time. I no longer have to keep it on the charger at all times like I did with my previous one.

  • Christina Dixon
    2 Dec 2021

    I’ve had this same speaker in the past that I broke over a couple years of usage and it worked great. Just needed a replacement and this one works great for its price. Good battery, decent sound and very portable.

  • Billy Hawkins
    30 Nov 2021

    This speaker works perfectly. It’s not super loud, but loud enough. The Bluetooth distance is decent, I left it in my kitchen and went outside and it stayed connected. Suction cup is large and definitely sticks well.

  • Angela Campbell
    28 Nov 2021

    I don’t like the forward/backward button on the side. They are kind of in the way when holding the speaker and I would accidentally forward or go back to a song. Gets annoying.

  • Tiffany Ortega
    28 Nov 2021

    Been wanting one, but didn’t wanna pay the high price for something that I could lose or forget. This thing is relatively loud for what it is and it’s cheap!!! If I lose it I’m definitely buying another one.

  • Cheryl Hopkins
    24 Nov 2021

    It works really well for such a cheap price, the only thing that’s difficult is how close the skip and volume buttons are. And it really is waterproof. The battery lasts forever!

  • Scott Hicks
    22 Nov 2021

    I just received this speaker! It’s loud and I love it! I’m unsure if I want it for my shower or work. It’s sturdy and cute. I would buy it again!

  • Nicholas Ryan
    20 Nov 2021

    This is pretty great for what I need it for. Sound quality is really good for a little speaker. Great size too. I definitely recommend it.

  • Mark Gordon
    18 Nov 2021

    The sound is clear and loud enough to hear through the apartment and on the back porch. Just wish the battery would last longer.

  • Jack Hayes
    16 Nov 2021

    The only downside (and this is silly) is that the noise when it turns on is pretty shrill and scares the crap out of my cats.

  • Mildred Peterson
    14 Nov 2021

    Works decent but the charge doesn’t hold for long while in use. I wanted this for outdoors while chilling by the fire.

  • Joseph Aguilar
    12 Nov 2021

    I love this speaker. I take it everywhere even to the shower, it’s a great speaker! Easy to use and charges fast.

  • Alan Gibson
    10 Nov 2021

    So far so good! Initially it works fine and easily connects with our family’s phones. Sound is pretty good!

  • Mary Palmer
    8 Nov 2021

    This waterproof bluetooth speaker is perfect for the shower or outside by the pool.

  • Dennis Parker
    6 Nov 2021

    Would recommend it. It is a pretty decent shower speaker for its price.

  • Austin Wheeler
    4 Nov 2021

    For the price this speaker does all I need it to do. Would order again.

  • Elizabeth Henderson
    2 Nov 2021

    It’s a good working speaker but it’s not that loud at all.

  • Johnny Crawford
    31 Oct 2021

    This cute little speaker is awesome!! Sounds great.

  • Frances McDonald
    29 Oct 2021

    The sound quality is great! It’s small but loud

  • Debra Kim
    27 Oct 2021

    I wish the sound quality was better.

  • Ruth Owens
    25 Oct 2021

    Best little waterproof circle ever…

  • Lauren Hawkins
    23 Oct 2021

    Works like a charm.

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