Knork Eco Plant Utensil Set (6 pcs)

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Knork Eco Plant Utensil Set (6 pcs)
A compostable alternative to plastic
Smart cutlery makes your food taste better. But a clever design made from nature-friendly materials? Now that’s just brilliant! Made of bamboo fibers and sugar cane starch (PLA), this 6 piece set of forks and spoons is perfect for all dining situations — from BBQs to picnics to desk lunches. Ditch the plastic and use these adorable plant-based pieces that compost within 2 years of disposal!
About Knork Eco Plant Utensils
Genius design meets epic functionality
Easy to use
Ergonomic design and beveled tines let you easily cut through food with one hand eliminating the struggle of reaching for a knife.
Comfortable to carry & clean
These lightweight utensils are perfect for taking to long trips, BBQ’s, camping, hiking, the office, festivals, and more! Each piece is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup.
BPA-free and responsibly sourced
Uses excess raw materials of fast-growing, eco-friendly bamboo that can be harvested without damaging soils or landscape. All our materials are tested to the strictest standards. Prop 65 and FDA regulation compliant as well as palate free.
100% compostable
Made from PLA (poly lactic acid – sugar cane starch 90%) and bamboo fiber (10%), these eco-friendly utensils break down cleanly and return to the Earth, leaving very little environmental impact.
Details and specification
The set includes: 3 eco forks and 3 eco spoons in orange, blue, and gray colors. Measure approx. 6.75″each. The packaging is made of biodegradable kraft material – and zero plastic!
About Knork

Knork has strategically designed modern flatware for how we naturally eat. Smarter better dining. We (Knork) have been making unique, patented, ergonomic, and smart stainless steel utensils for customers for years. KNORK, a brand with modern innovative products, unique design, and practical function. Designed for how you naturally eat. This utilitarian + edgy, up and coming, boutique line of flatware is patented and differentiated from any other flatware brands on the market, and the proof is in the use. It looks similar to regular flatware but works in a way you can’t imagine. NEWLY launched Knork Eco — An alternative to plastic utensils that are fully Plant-Based, dishwasher safe, compost in 2 years, & sustain-ably made (emits one fifth of the greenhouse gases) with the smartest functional design.

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