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LED Dog Leash

Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

As a
pet owner, you are sure to know that the safety of your dog should be one of
your key priorities. So, your duty is to make sure that your dog stays out of
harm’s way by all means. Despite the fact that you probably do your best to achieve
that, it might have skipped you to think that taking a dog for a walk in the
late evening or at night might put it in danger. 

Due to reduced visibility, it might be a challenge to find your pet in the dark. That is why we are happy to present you with our unique LED dog leash that helps you keep a closer eye on your pet and provide additional safety during evening walks. Why should you invest in it? Here are the main benefits you will get:

1) It makes your dog more visible to drivers

A lot of dogs are killed by cars every day. This is a big concern for many pet owners. keeping your dog away from cars 100% of the time probably isn’t possible. With the help of an LED dog leash, your pet will be much more visible to drivers.

2) It help you to keep a closer eye on your pet

An LED dog leash will allow you to locate your dog and find out what it is doing and where it is heading.

3) It lights your walking path

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Are you used to carrying a flashlight? An LED dog leash can light your path instead.

1) It alerts passersby

If you live in a neighborhood where many people walk their dogs, an LED dog leash can help alert them that you and your dog are coming.

2) It is fun

It might entertain your dog to see light effects from the leash

3) It is cheap

You will get much more than you invest in it.

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  • Carol Hughes
    9 Jun 2021

    This is the third of this kind of leash that I have purchased. They all serve the purpose, however the other two stopped working almost immediately. I have high hopes for this one because of the extra swivels and fabric at the handle and at the end. The extra piece at the handle permits me to wrap the leash around my hand without slowly breaking down the wire that supports the lights.

  • Henry Willis
    8 Jun 2021

    It is really gorgeous !! The quality is great 🙂 This is a very well constructed leash. I love the padding around the handle. It’s also nice to be able to recharge the leash and the different light settings. The power box/light settings is in a nice area that doesn’t interfere with your grip on the leash.

  • Joyce Peters
    8 Jun 2021

    I have a 6 month old 5lb Yorkie and I ordered the purple color with XS collar and the 4 ft. leash. The collar is slightly adjustable but not by much. It fits her little neck with room to fit my fingers underneath. The leash is NOT heavy by any means and i find that the length is perfect for her little size.

  • Vincent Wells
    7 Jun 2021

    I love the three settings for the lights. In my area there aren’t a lot of street lights and this leash is extremely bright Definitely can’t miss my dog now.
    It’s a bit shorter than i would normally get but my dog doesn’t seem to mind. The handle is cushioned so even when he did pull a tad the handle doesn’t hurt my hand. i would definitely buy this again.

  • Arthur Lopez
    6 Jun 2021

    JUST PERFECT!!! Thanks!! This works really well! It gets dark so early in the PNW and I worry about my dog not being seen. This made me feel a lot more comfortable. My only complaint is that the light stops about a foot away from the dog, which I didn’t really notice in the picture. I wish it were bright closer to him as I’m concerned about him being seen, not the end where I’m holding it!

  • Gloria Jenkins
    6 Jun 2021

    I’ve just had this for a few days but I love it so far. I think whoever first came up with this idea was brilliant. I had seen a neighbor with something similar, so I searched on internet and chose this leash based on other reviews and the price. I normally walk my dog early in the morning and at about 10pm. We have no sidewalks so we always have to watch out for cars; this leash shows up much better than simply carrying a flashlight. I was worried that the length would be a problem since her other leash is longer and this one is only about 4 feet long, but it has not been an issue. We have taken four short (about 15 minute) walks with it and I have not had to re-charge it yet.

  • Julia Garrett
    5 Jun 2021

    I adore these lighted leashes. We often have drivers slowing to yell “Love the leash!”. The eighty pound black dog and my winter coat aren’t by their very nature very visible in the dark Virginia mornings. No sidewalks further compound the potential dangers. Lots of fur doesn’t work well just with lighted collars. These leashes are great except that wet weather doesn’t sit well with them. I’m on my third leash–they have a fantastic lifetime warranty and since the first I’ve carefully kept them from getting wet. After four to 6 months, the lights simply give out. One band or the other won’t work and so I take pics, contact their service center and voila, in a day or two we are safely lit again.

    I do wish the lights were on both sides. I did try another leash and like it as well, except it is shorter than my dog is long and he isn’t too keen on being that close when we walk!

  • Joyce Johnston
    4 Jun 2021

    I bought two of these leashes; one for each of my dogs in neon orange and yellow. Both leashes look bright and vibrant during the day even when they’re not turned on which I love. During the night, both colors (yellow and orange) are clearly visible – the yellow shines more of a green when turned on but i’m fine with that. I got many compliments on the leashes! It has a soft padding for your wrist and grip of the leash as well.

  • Christina Bennett
    4 Jun 2021

    works great–very visible. It’s a little stiff so it’s not as discreet from the dog’s perspective as a nice thin leather leash. The stiffness occasionally causes it to pop up in front of my dog, making her want to chew it. Glad I have it for those wintertime evening walks. I’ve used it many times over the last few weeks and have not had to charge it yet.

  • Gary Wallace
    4 Jun 2021

    We have the green one and it is so excellent! Our labradoodle is the coolest dog at the dog park and all the owners constantly comment on the least and collar of the same color! Just charge up on the USB and press the button to indicate which level of “flash” you want and voila!

  • Rose Adams
    3 Jun 2021

    My husband and I often do not have a chance to get a run in until after dark, and our black dog can be hard to see in areas that aren’t so well lighted. This solved the problem!

  • Juan May
    2 Jun 2021

    I am so very disappointed. I loved this leash and the concept and safety it provided.

  • Maria Rios
    31 May 2021

    Superb. This works great and for the price you can’t go wrong. I live in a dark area and when i walk my dog at night i always get nervous people won’t see us. This solves all those problems one charge lasts us a few nights of walks. We got the green leash i have to use a harness on my yorkie so we don’t have the color but the leash is just perfect and enough brightness in my opinion. It looks like a large glow stick when walking. It is worth the deal if your looking for some reflective walking gear for your pup.

  • David Long
    30 May 2021

    Perfect. I will buy another LED Leash for my cat now!

  • Joyce Bishop
    29 May 2021

    I walk my dog every night and my old lite leash died. All I can say is the leash charges quickly, and works as advertised. If you are looking for a bright, well made dog leash – look no further.

  • Ann Sanders
    25 May 2021

    Leash is incredible! Came already mostly charged. Hooked up to USB on my computer for 1/2 hour, good to go. Took my dog out last night–amazing brightness. Glad to pay this price for something that could/will save my dog’s life. And mine.

  • Cynthia Bailey
    24 May 2021

    Got the green and it is truly beautiful. Came perfectly packaged. Quality of leash is outstanding, and it truly does have a comfortable handle. One of the best products I’ve bought in a long time.

  • Stephanie Parker
    24 May 2021

    This is a great leash for safety purposes while walking your dog at night. The leash is fairly wide and has a strong, weighty feel. While we bought a pair of these for our 10 pound toy poodles and they work fine, they are probably best suited, and would feel best for medium to larger dogs. We are more accustomed to using slightly thinner leashes for our poodles. The leash has two switches, so you can turn on/off the upper and lower halves of the leash independently. The leash comes with a USB charging cable, so all you need extra is a USB wall outlet charger to plug in, and then you are set to charge.

  • Edward Knight
    22 May 2021

    I bought this for my dog, who walks my husband 10 miles each night. It is RIDICULOUSLY bright, and I love it. Talk about safety, my husband says he gets people driving by pulling over asking him where he got it.

  • Virginia Powell
    22 May 2021

    As the nights start to get darker, this leash is invaluable when taking our dogs for a walk along the dark sidewalks. It lights up well and the charge lasts a reasonable amount of time.

  • Teresa Greene
    22 May 2021

    Thanks to the store for offering LED Glowing Leash on sale

  • Donna Hill
    20 May 2021

    There are really friendly customer service. I had a lot of questions and it all was answered. I recommend buying here! Definitely!

  • Jessica Graham
    19 May 2021

    People tend to drive double the speed limit and drive through stop signs in my dark neighborhood, so cue the illumiseen. I switch between a normal leash during the day and use this exclusively at night. The batter lasts a while, ive had it for 2 months and still havent needed to charge the lights. It’s durable and holds my 50lb puppy fron charging at deer, although i wish the wrist grip was a little softer.

  • Ruth Owens
    19 May 2021

    We bought this for our son after welcoming their first puppy into their home. He lives in a busy neighborhood with a decent amount of traffic. He’s had countless people stop to admire his leash( and Lab puppy of course) and inquiring as to where he got it.

  • John Lee
    17 May 2021

    This leash is great! I like that I can recharge it a lot. I didn’t like the idea of wasting batteries, or the whole least with those other light-up leashes out there. It makes me feel better when walking my dog at night. I hold the leash across my mid-section too as I walk, so drivers know where I am as well 🙂

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