Stainless Steel Filter

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Stainless Steel Filter
Experience the flavors of coffee
in a whole new way!
This RJ3 Stainless Steel Filter is the ideal way to prepare
a fresh brew. The modern honeycomb design ensures
a fine mesh filter that will not allow any coffee grounds into
your drink, and as the filter is made from stainless steel,
it will not rust or give off any unwanted tastes into your drink.
This reusable coffee filter does not require filter paper, making
it an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional
drip filters.
Stainless Steel Filter: features & highlights
Take your coffee brewing to the next level!
Designed to fit and excel
Our stainless steel dripper is carefully engineered to fit most branded coffee carafes including the 6, 8 & 10 cup Chemex Coffee Makers and Hario V60 02 and 03 drippers. Our removable BPA-free silicone grip complements your wooden or glass Chemex & grips the glass rim securely.
Clean up has never been this easy
Simply dump your coffee grounds out after each use, and rinse your filter under warm running water. Every 2 weeks or so, descale the filter by soaking it with white distilled vinegar and warm water.
Unlock new flavors
Featuring a superfine mesh on the inside and a laser-cut filter on the outside, this coffee filter prevents coffee grounds from getting through & doesn’t absorb coffee’s essential oils nutrients like paper filters do, allowing you to revel in a rich, organic brew every time!
Eco-friendly & saves you money
You’ll no longer need to spend money on disposable coffee filters or pods which not only put a dent in your pocket, but also fill the earth’s landfills! Make the wise long-term investment in these Stainless Steel Filters and start crafting your very own, barista-level brews.
Details & care
Made from 18/8 304 high quality stainless steel; BPA-free silicone grip; dishwasher and microwave safe; compatible with most branded carafes/drippers in market.
About Ovalware

At Ovalware, we believe making coffee is an art. We are committed to designing and bringing the best manual brewing experience to our consumers – coffee connoisseurs and occasional drinkers alike. We believe the right way to brew coffee is all relative. From thermometer kettles to cold brew makers to carafes, Ovalware provides all the tools to satisfy everyone’s unique preferences. Because at the end of the day, we believe coffee is a thrilling, rewarding adventure and our products can teach us all important brewing and life lessons.

Designed In
Torrance, California
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